Mildy: My Debian customization

Are you boring in Desktop of Debian. Here are some configurations for making your Debian to good look Debian.

Note: This post is only configuration that I'm used to customize my desktop. It isn't suitable for beginner. I may write a post for beginner in the future. If you have any question about this, please contact me following in About menu.

Easy instruction for customizing linux desktop

  1. Choose a desktop environment
  2. Choose a theme
  3. Install some packages for best experience
  4. Config something

This is my Linux desktop


My customizatioan

  • Desktop environment: Xfce

  • Theme ( Recommended GTK 2.0):

  • Extra package:

  • Items in Panel on Xfce:

    • Separator: style=Transparent, expand=true

    • Separator: style=Transparent, expand=true

    • Clock: Format=Custom Format (%I:%M %p | %a %d %b %Y)

    • Separator: style=Transparent, expand=true

    • Workspace Switcher

    • Keyboard Layouts

    • Notification Area: Show frame=false

    • Audio Mixer

    • Action Buttons

    • Separator: style=Separator

    • Applications Menu

    • Show Desktop

      4 items first in the items of Xfce panel is a technique to adjust center position of clock


  • More details of this section can see in [my

post]( (Thai version)