How to upgrade Debian to SID

Optional: Add sudo into your user

$ su
# aptitude install sudo
# usermod -a -G sudo [USERNAME]
# exit

Note: If sudo don't work, try logout and login again.

  1. Replace the belowing text into /etc/apt/sources.list with your favorite editor. In my case I use

$ sudo vi /etc/apt/sources.list

deb sid main contrib non-free
deb-src sid main contrib non-free

deb stable main contrib non-free
deb testing main contrib non-free
deb experimental main contrib non-free
> Read more about Archive areas:
> [main](,
> [contrib](,
> [non-free](

> Note: Replace `` to your nearest repository
  1. Update a list of repositories

    $ sudo aptitude update
  2. Upgrade your debian version into sid version

    $ sudo aptitude dist-upgrade
  3. After it finished, reboot system

    $ sudo reboot


  • For installing firmware for various drivers in consist of non-free packages or drivers using:

    $ sudo aptitude install firmware-linux
  • For installing some thai font:

    $ sudo aptitude install xfonts-thai