GitHub Page Build Failure Solution

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  1. My jekyll page can run locally.

  2. I got an email "[] Page build failure"

  3. I asked supportor that the facing problem

    I don't understand why my file contains syntax errors. Because I can run normally this file in local (using jekyll serve) Can you show me more information about this errors or suggest anything.

  4. He responded me

    You should be running your site locally exactly as per these instructions:

    I cloned your repository and reproduced the issue locally by using a Gemfile and running:

    bundle exec jekyll build

    Which produced the error details:

    Conversion error: Jekyll::Converters::Markdown encountered an error converting '_posts/'. ...

    ClassNotFound('no lexer for alias %r found' % _alias) ClassNotFound: no lexer for alias 'shell' found


You can't use shell as a lexer name. Try bash instead.

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